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Eleasia Lewis has been in the field of education
and training for over 15 years.  She has been a
public school educator and administrator, and has
managed educational services and programs and
for both school districts and non-profit
organizations She has traveled throughout the
country providing speaking and training for
various educational, non-profit, governmental and
business entities.  She is currently an adjunct
professor in the teacher preparation program of
the El Centro College campus of the Dallas County
Community College District.

Eleasia has developed and managed M+powered
Services since May 2000 and is the President and
CEO of the company.  She has a great passion for
the “underdog” and has focused her efforts of
providing cost-effective training and
development services on organizations and
persons with least access to such.  She has
excelled in her ability to provide high-energy,
entertaining and informative training and
information in a cost-effective manner that yields
both long-term retention and clear-cut,
measurable results.

Eleasia holds a B.A. in Personnel and Industrial
Relations and a Masters of Education.  She is a
member of Â….  and is certified in Â…Â…  She is a
licensed foster care provider, caring for children
of all ages and backgrounds in her home and is
the divorced mother of two.

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